Povny social package

Exhibition June 26 − July 4, 2019
In the middle of the gallery "The Naked Room" you will see the gallery of the "Refrigerator" gallery - the result of a special robot by the artist Evgeniy Valyuk, HiCiti and Maxim Gonchar. Vidkrittya - 26 chervnya about 19:00.

Tse prostіr, yaky not maє postіїnoi address, in the head of the head of a short, short, camera. The subject of the presentation is the societal nutrition, that the problems and suspensions.

The Refrigerator Gallery is a one-hour critic of a white cube and an autonomous art system. At once, in order to conceive the authors, the Refrigerator is a “gallery in the gallery” and a small collection of vistavok.
On the vidkritti near the spacious galleries, you will be able to pay attention to the theme of the Nikita Tsoi "Kholodets" and Maxim Gonchar's work "The Social Package".

Vidkrittya vistavki 26 wormwood about 19:00
Vishtavka trivatime to 4 linis

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Addresses: galleries "The Naked Room" (Kyiv, vul. Reitarska, 21)
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