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Exhibition May 17 − July 14, 2019
Uncommonly warm. Kreis Yin and Gustav Hamilton
Gallery Fisher Parrish presents an exhibition of works by two New York artists "Uncharacteristically warm. Krais Yin and Gustav Hamilton".

Using glaze on thick ceramic tiles, Gustav Hamilton's paintings exist between ceramic craft and fine painting. These are rare surrealistic still lifes with images of various trinkets, such as keys, pieces of paper, birds, or books. Although these compositions seem initially random, each work contains a complex system of references and reflections.

In a broader sense, Hamilton’s works depict the artist’s life (real and imagined) through the ordinary objects that surround him; his paintings and sculptures exist as copyright documents, where real events merge with fabricated details or results.

Memory in the works of Kreis Yin acts as a reflection of personal history. The artist’s paintings and sculptures use the semiotic properties of objects to depict her experience with otherness. Using bright color and subtle distortion of scale and perspective, Yin explores the natural dualities and intercultural attributes of inanimate objects, as well as colloquial American phrases that are often lost in translation.

Based on the materials of the official site Fisher Parrish Galleries.