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"...For life, for joy, K. Korovin. Painting"

Exhibition May 26 − August 20, 2017
The exhibition "...For life, for joy, K. Korovin. Painting" is serpukhovskiy istoriko-art Museum. The name reflected the essence of the worldview of the artist: to see life only in a positive form and exactly the same to reflect.
At the exhibition the visitors provided nine little-known paintings by Konstantin Korovin: the six brought from Kaluga Museum of fine arts, and three taken from the private vaults.
Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin (1861-1939) – one of the most famous Russian artists of XIX and XX centuries. Have received special recognition as an impressionist, is also widely known as a theater artist, teacher and writer.
The paintings Korovin is always a firework of feelings and emotions. Casual, ordinary, familiar motifs — the sea, the streets of the old town, the surrounding countryside or still life with fish and fruit, night street, or the usual tea party — sparks vivid experiences of the artist.
Among the exhibits we can see a very diverse picture: calm, gloomy "Sevastopol in the evening" (1903), the poignant, bright "cloudy sky" (1910), silent and soft "Winter twilight" (1916), and contrast essay "Night" (1913).
Visiting the exhibition, the viewer dives into the delicious, vibrant world created by the stroke of a brush of a talented artist.

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