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The end of a great era. Image of the first half of the XIX century

Exhibition June 9 − November 5, 2017
In the Tretyakov gallery opened a second exhibition of the cycle "Artist and time". This cycle is dedicated to the history of Russian drawing XVIII – beginning of XX century.
The second exposure is "The end of a great era..." – provides an opportunity to study the development of Russian figure in the first half of the nineteenth century. The exhibition brought together nearly 200 of the best sample charts and drawings of this period.
A key place is given to the work of the best teachers at the Imperial Academy, such well-known masters of painting and graphics, A. I. Ivanov, A. E. Egorov, V. K. Shebuev, F. A. Bruni, P. V. basin. Students in these professors included many prominent artists of the first half of the nineteenth century, among them – A. A. Ivanov and K. P. Bryullov.
Alexander Ivanov – Russian painter, academician, the Creator of works on biblical and ancient mythological stories, the representative of academic art. The exhibition displays his sketches to paintings, genre and landscape watercolors, a series of feather ink drawings and ink creation of the world, as well as pages from the famous series "Bible sketches".
One of the most famous masters of painting of the XIX century – Karl Pavlovich Bryullov – Russian artist, painter, muralist, watercolorist, a representative of academic art. His figures, created at different periods of life devoted to a separate exhibition hall.
Along with the works of the greatest masters will be exhibited graphic works 1830-1850-ies, in which was reflected a new trend in the development of Russian art of the time.
The exposition is crowned with the famous series of cuttlefish P. A. Fedotov depicting realistic scenes from everyday life of ordinary people. Paving the way for the future of the art of "critical realism", Fedotov, of course, was one of the last masters of the classical tradition.

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