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Exhibition June 12 − July 10, 2019
City of carved dreams
The Museum of Modern Art Artmuz presents a unique exhibition of graphic art in the tree of Yevgeny Dubovik "City of carved dreams".

Yevgeny Dubovik was born in the family of a cabinetmaker's cabinetmaker, where woodworking skills were passed down from great-grandfathers for generations.

The author is the successor of traditional folk woodcarving, but his work differs from the usual idea of carved products. Eugene creates paintings from different types of wood: urban landscapes carved on wood lose their rigidity, hardness and materiality, allowing them to be deceived by the illusory nature of the perspective that is carried away into the distance. All work is distinguished by careful study of the smallest details.

According to the material of the official siteMuseum of Modern Art Artmuse.