Exhibition of works by Fyodor Tetyanich at the National Art Museum of Ukraine

Exhibition May 13 − June 18, 2017

National Art Museum of Ukraine presents an exhibition of Fyodor Tetyanich dedicated to his early work. In the center of attention is the work "Koshevoy Ataman Ivan Sirko", donated to the museum by the artist's family. Paintings and graphics of the 1960s-1970s on the history of Ukraine and the Zaporozhye Cossacks from the family collection are a special gift for the viewer.

This year Fyodor Tetyanich could have turned 75 years old. The jubilee of the legend of the Ukrainian underground in Kiev is celebrated by museums and galleries, introducing them to the work of the artist-performer and his philosophical doctrine "Fripulia". The exhibition at the NHMU focuses on the traditional art of the artist and national themes in his work. Despite the planetary scale of his worldview, Tetyanich felt his roots and his genetic connection with the Ukrainian Cossacks.
The theme of Ukrainian history and the Cossacks is especially characteristic of the work of Fyodor Tetyanich in the 1960s-1970s. He often turned to the images of a simple Cossack, made of flesh and blood. Fearless warriors on the battlefield, the Cossacks knew how to walk and have fun. So, one of the artist's works is called "Cossack with devil p'є-gulyє no shirts" (Cossack with features drinks-walks and shirts).

The portrait of Ivan Sirko, on which the artist worked for many years (1966-1990s, see the above photos from the studio), has a kind of mysticism, reflecting the personality of the hero. The work depicts not only an outstanding Zaporozhye ataman, a participant in more than 60 military campaigns against Tatars, Turks, Poles, but also the image of a Cossack character with a magical gift becomes invisible, catching bullets on the fly, treating wounds with conspiracies and stopping blood. According to popular legends, Ivan Sirko did not lose a single battle - they said that neither a bullet nor a sword would take him.

Fyodor Tetyanich (1942-2007) - a representative of unofficial art, painter, monumentalist, graphic artist, sculptor, writer, inventor and one of the first and brightest performers in the USSR. He also became the founder of the Academy of Eccentrics in Kiev, which opposed "dullness in life and art, against pessimism, indifference and rudeness." Philosophical and aesthetic doctrine "Fripuglia" became the basis of a kind of art, the essence of which is the continuation of human and planetary life to infinity.

"There is nothing and no one else
me - infinity.
I am omnipotent, I am not afraid of anyone,
I do not repent of anything
Seeing myself in everything
I worship no one and nothing.
Is it to face the Lord himself
Fear yourself like the devil
Or, like an idol, to myself
to worship "- F. Tetyanich.