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Evgeny Demenko collection. Color archive

Exhibition June 29 − August 4, 2019
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Odessa hosts an exhibition of works from the Yevgeny Demenko collection “Color Archive”. The exhibition presents works by futurist David Burliuk, avant-garde artist Oleg Sokolov, representatives of the South Russian school of painting, non-conformist artists and the Odessa conceptual group. There are also pictures of modern authors - Alexander Roitburd, Igor Gusev, Alexandra Kadzevich, Stas Zhalobnyuk, Apl 315, Inna Hasileva and others. A separate focus of the exhibition were works by various artists in the nude genre. Part of the exhibition is devoted to documentary evidence of the life and work of David Burliuk and Oleg Sokolov.

“In many ways, the collection of MSIO’s friend Evgeny Demenko echoes the theme of our museum - it presents Odessa's unofficial art and modern artists, which we also regularly exhibit,” says Semyon Kantor, director of the museum.

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