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Exhibition June 30 − September 29, 2019
Felix Vallotton. Painter alarm
Compared with Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard, their fellows in the Naby group, Felix Vallotton is relatively little known in the UK. The Royal Academy in London organized the largest Swiss retrospective in the history of the country "Painter of anxiety"where it represents him not only as an artist, but also as an engraver.

More than 80 paintings and exquisite prints demonstrate the extraordinary creativity of Vallotton. Among them - compelling portraits, fabulous landscapes and satirical black and white prints. The highlight of the show is the famous series of interior scenes Les intimités. Vivid colors and anxiety show how Vallotton’s legacy was reflected in the 20th century — for example, in Edward Hopper’s films and Alfred Hitchcock’s films.

The exhibition is organized by the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the Metropolitan Museum in New York in collaboration with the Felix Vallotton Foundation, Lausanne.
1899, 62×49.2 cm
1897, 17×22 cm
All artworks at the exhibition