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Exhibition June 28 − October 13
Closeup: Graphic works by Dorothea Tanning
American painter and sculptor Dorothea Tanning (1910–2012) created over 100 graphic works from 1950 to 2001.

Printed publications and illustrated books contain images that range from presentation to almost complete abstraction, demonstrating the breadth of Tanning's formal innovations. Experimenting with lithography, etching and aquatint, Tanning created different surface textures, some crystalline, others cloudy. She often introduces repetitive motifs in her fabulous spaces. Her ambiguous erotic hugs are the most recognizable. Tanning's work is aimed at universal human emotions and experiences of ecstasy, rapture, anxiety and obsession.

In addition to the paperwork on the sculpture "Cousins" Tanning (1970), one of the most striking works of surrealism, will also be included in the exhibition.

1970, 156.8×82.5×72.1 cm
Все работы на выставке