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Exhibition March 13 − April 14
Minoan series
It seems to me that of all the scholars of recent Cretan art, Jikia showed in his drawings not the external side, but the inner world of the Minoans, their ideas about the world around them, the religious one in the first place. He managed to plunge into the mysterious world of a bygone era, a forgotten civilization and display it not in the traditional way, but with an original, artistic vision.
These drawings were made by a man who, with the power of his soul, became close to the artists of antiquity, plunged into the world of their ideas about beauty, about life, reflected their fears of the world they did not understand. Jikia returned the Minoan colors to the faded figures, returned them their first color, brought it to us after 3.5 thousand years. Or svomi paintings said: "People, we lived then. See, remember yourself that long time! Life has passed, but it continues. Life is deadly hard, but it is beautiful. See! Look!"

Vladimir Alekseevich Lagutin
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