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Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presents an exhibition of sculptures by contemporary classic Georgiy Frangulyan"Solid Line".

Georgy Frangulyan (1945) is the author of numerous monumental compositions located in Moscow, Brussels, Odessa, Venice and many other cities of Russia and the world. The memorial to the victims of political repressions "Wall of Sorrow" by Frangulyan became the first national monument to the repressed.

The sculptor works in the genre of easel and monumental sculpture with various materials, including bronze, marble, wood, ceramics, glass, and also creates graphic and pictorial works.

The exhibition in the Erarta Museum presents the easel works of George Frangulian, created in various styles and materials and united by a common thought: the sculpture is capable of forming space primarily due to the expressiveness of the form, and then the plot.

According to the official siteErarta Museum of Contemporary Art.
Galleries at the exhibition