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Exhibition June 29 − September 15, 2019
Pedro Figari. Myth and creativity
The National Museum of Fine Arts of Argentina presents a personal exhibition of Pedro Figari "Myth and creativity". The exhibition brings together about thirty paintings of the Uruguayan artist. The author has created a series of works that, with humor, precision and depth, reflect various aspects of the human condition. He came up with a series of paintings that depict the primitive life of man and the majestic landscapes of Venice with passionate crimes and religious processions.

Pedro Figari (1861 - 1938), a Uruguayan artist. Born in Montevideo. In his youth, he did not have a formal art education, but later studied drawing and painting from Godofredo Sommavilla in Montevideo and Virgilio Ripari in Venice. His amazing artistic career began only in 1921, at the age of sixty, when he held his first exhibition in Buenos Aires. Figari was one of the founders of the Uruguayan school of art. As an intuitive artist, he took some of the formal achievements of impressionism in order to turn them into a personal and unique style.