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"Knight-errant": Wassily Kandinsky the path to abstraction

Exhibition March 15 − July 9, 2017
At the Milan Museum of cultures "Mudec" opened an exhibition of the best works of Vasily Kandinsky, the famous Russian painter, pioneer of abstract art. The very title of the exhibition "Il Cavaliere Errante" - say, in the same way as medieval knights roamed the earth, in different ways trying to prove himself, Kandinsky wandered in the world of art.

The exhibition traces the development of visual images of the artist originated at first in a deep Russian traditions, but inevitably approaching the abstract art in the late 19th century until 1921, when Vasily went to Germany, never to return home.

The exhibition is timed to the 100th anniversary of the October revolution and the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Kandinsky. The exhibition presents over 70 items of Russian folk art that inspired the artist in his time, from the collection of the Russian Museum of decorative, applied and folk art. Many works by Vasily Kandinsky, most of whom have never before exhibited in Italy, provided by leading museums of Russia, Georgia, Armenia – Georgian national Museum, the Hermitage, the Tretyakov gallery, the Pushkin Museum of fine arts in Moscow, Armenian national gallery.

Visitors can not only trace the creative journey of Vassily Kandinsky, but also dive into his works by using special multimedia devices. Just as once wanted artist: "for many years I tried to make it so that the audience could make a trip to my work. I wanted to get them to forget, actually to dissolve in these images".

The Exhibition "Kandinsky. Knight-errant. On the way to abstraction" runs from 15 March to 9 July.