Karlygash Kansate. Consonance

Exhibition 5 − July 28, 2019
In the State Museum of them. A. Kasteev hosts a personal exhibition Karlygash KanseitConsonance". The exhibition presents more than 30 works. The beauty of nature, the warmth of Kazakh life, the themes of childhood inspire the artist to create beautiful compositions. The painting of the author is based on her perception of the world, where the images of the past harmoniously fit into modernity. The color and compositional solution of the canvases, experiments in the technical presentation of the portrayed testify to the aspiration of the master to convey his world perception in a bright and concise manner.

Karlygash Kanseit graduated from Shymkent Art College named after A. Kasteev. She teaches at the Shymkent Art School. Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan since 1995. Participant of international and republican exhibitions.