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Exhibition October 31, 2019 − February 9, 2020
Women Mary Cassatt

From October 31, 2019 to February 9, 2020

This fall, McNay visitors will get a special opportunity to see Mary Cassat's masterpiece “A Cup of Tea” in combination with McNay’s own collection of well-known and beloved Cassatt aquatintes.

Exhibition "Women Mary Cassatt”Focuses on images of ordinary and often intimate moments from the everyday life of middle-class women, such as she, when they take care of children, eat in public, or enjoy a tea ritual.
1891, 37.6×25.7 cm
1891, 36.5×26.7 cm
1891, 43.2×30.7 cm
1891, 42.5×31.1 cm
1881, 92.4×65.4 cm
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