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Exhibition May 24 − September 2, 2019
Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism
Frist Art Museum presents the exhibition "Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism from the collection of Jacques and Natasha Gelman".

This exhibition reflects the vitality and expressiveness of twentieth-century Mexican art with the iconic works of Frida Kahlo, her husband Diego Rivera and their contemporaries. The exhibition consists of 150 works that give an idea of the passionate love of Kahlo and Rivera and how they lived.

Collectors husband and wife Jacques and Natasha Gelman were glamorous and wealthy refugees from Eastern Europe who married in Mexico in 1941, took part in the vibrant art scene in Mexico City and acquired art mainly from their fellow artists. In 1943, Jacques ordered a full-length portrait of Natasha from Diego Rivera, the most famous Mexican artist. “Helmans have established close friendships with many artists at this exhibition, often acting as patrons and collecting one of the best collections of contemporary Mexican art in the world along the way,” says curator of Frist Art Museum Trinita Kennedy.