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This exhibition brings together almost forty paintings of the South American impressionist Kate Freeman Clark (1875-1957). Working mainly in New York, Clark created impressive and varied work from 1893 to 1923. Almost all of Clark's work in Shinnekokk was impressionistic landscapes created in the open air using unexpected materials, such as burlap, to enhance the rural landscape that she painted.

Kate Freeman Clark held the first decade of the twentieth century, presenting her paintings at prestigious jury shows, using the name "Freeman Clark" to hide her identity as a female artist. Despite these successful shows, Clark never sold any of her pictures, out of respect for her family’s disapproval of women's participation in the business. Clark abandoned painting along with his artistic career. Her work, as well as her talent, was virtually unknown to the Mississippi community during her lifetime. Only after her death in 1957, her paintings were exhibited in New York.
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