Alone with nature. Exhibition of Konstantin Prusov

Exhibition May 29 − June 4, 2017
Series of chamber exhibitions 2017

A bright and original author presents his new works in an unusual format - a series of chamber exhibitions.
The exposition of the first chamber exhibition opened with a series of small works written by the artist in Asturias (northern region of Spain). They depict places that have not been touched by mass tourism. This is a cozy natural corners, and views of the architectural pearls of the Bay of Biscay. The series "8 days of Asturias" is written in an open air, which makes it especially valuable. What materials the artist used in his work, the audience was also able to see at the exposition.
In the large hall of the Siberian Art Space, works were presented that reflect the author's special interest in creating imaginary images. They are combined in a series of "Stories in Detail" and "Poem about the Sea." The latter can be seen in full at the next chamber exhibition, which will be held from August 28 to September 3, 2017.
For spectators a special program has been prepared, which includes lectures, concerts, as well as the author's courses of Konstantin Prusov on painting.
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Galleries at the exhibition