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Exhibition November 16, 2019 − January 11, 2020
Work Artist: Cosmo White
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia presents an exhibitionWork Artist: Cosmo White"

Cosmo White was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, in 1982. He studied at Bennington College in Vermont, where he earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts, at the College of Art at the Maryland Institute of the Arts to receive a certificate after a bachelor's degree and at the University of Michigan to get a degree from the Foreign Ministry. He exhibited in the United States, Jamaica, Norway, France and South Africa. In 2010, he won the Forward Art Award in the nomination "Artist of the Year." In 2015, he was awarded the International Center for Sculpture "For Outstanding Achievements of Students in Modern Sculpture", and in 2016 he was awarded the Artadiya Prize.