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Exhibition October 16 − November 13, 2015


Admission is not for everyone.
Only for crazy.
Entrance fee - mind.


They found each other, could not find. Two something very close philosophy - Strelbitskoy and Masha SadMe. For the first time - the sound of SadMe is visualized by Strelbitsky or Sterlbytska's paintings are voiced by SadMe. This is anyone. These two artists are very sensual, atmospheric. And the atmosphere of the Music club Veritas is suitable for gathering fans of Strelbitskaya and SadMe. Autumn, Moscow, there is an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of creativity, two powerful female elements are guaranteed to give a breath, stiffened souls, if there is not enough emotion - a blow to the nerves will be given another year. If SadMe “flushes” an avalanche of indie / psyhodelic rock to the listener, Strelbitskaya “slurs” in the eyes of the viewer with his paintings - dreams, nightmares, visions, sur. Getting acquainted with the work of these two ladies (masters), you are forever changing your life, you want with a plus or minus sign. SadMe's European sound, Masha's vocals, - poetics, psychology on the verge of psychopathics - “cling”, held on a hook. The group "cuts" for fans and for random people whom the group will hook today. SadMe - unlike many of its colleagues - does not work for the "fatherland", but for the whole "surrounding" world - listen to it harmoniously both in the Bronx and in the Khamovniki. Strelbitskaya - the name that broke into the domestic environment, gradually taking root in European culture. The artist is a nerve, scandal and revelation. Each new canvas (not counting the exhibitions) - an attack on public opinion. Tatyana Strelbitskaya is a picture that appears, a gesture, a word is a message to the brain of everyone who thinks.
And here they are - SadMe and Strelbitskaya come together - and only then get into the jet. Get into the currents. They, their art is according to Nietzsche: "Where the crowd drinks, all the springs are poisoned." Elitist? Well yes.

Beginning at 19-30

Free admission.

Address: Myasnitskaya st. 13, p. 20