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"Sea shine azure": 200 years to Aivazovsky

Exhibition 6 − July 30, 2017
Who else, if not from Odessa, glorify the sea on this canvas, this beautiful “free element”? July 6 at the Exhibition Hall Odessa Museum of Local HistoryThe exposition started in honor of the bicentenary of the birth of the great marine painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.

Aivazovsky was a member of five academies, recognized as a genius of painting. His personal exhibitions (of which in Odessa from 1846 to 1899 - 13), most of which were accompanied by charity auctions or lotteries, enjoyed considerable success among visitors and collectors.

The artist loved the sea, and it reciprocated to him, showing all his beauty. Who else could portray this element as Aivazovsky succeeded: in all details, with a billion different shades and moods, always in different ways - that calm water surface, the unbreakable riot of nature? All over the world, Ivan Konstantinovich is recognized as the best marine painter of the nineteenth century.

The canvases of Odessa marine painters can be seen at the exposition of the “Sea of Shine of Azure” until July 30.