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The genius of the sea. Ivan Aivazovsky and his contemporaries

Exhibition March 22 − July 30, 2017
Irkutsk regional art Museum named after V. P. Sukachev presents the exhibition "The genius of the sea. Ivan Aivazovsky and his contemporaries".
Exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the genius of the painter, the famous marine painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.
First time visitors will see together, all 10 works (five paintings and five graphic) artist stored in the Museum. The main exhibit, of course, was the painting "Morning in Venice", which would have exposed more than half a century. This late work of Aivazovsky, the painter, using the glaze technique, made up of amazing transparency. Over time the paint began to flake off. For a long time, the canvas I tried to restore, but the attempts were unsuccessful. Only Galina Muravieva, Irkutsk restorer, it finally succeeded. Almost two decades of hard work and sleepy and malleable Venice in the morning light looks like a completely new picture.
The exhibition also contains works by contemporaries of the painter, his students, many of which are demonstrated for the first time.
The work of these artists, many of whom no less illustrious, could be a separate exhibit. Among them Maksim Vorob'ev, Lev Lagorio, Rufim Sudkovsky, Alexey Bogolyubov, Mikhail Klodt, Sergei Vasilkovsky, for the first time the public will be shown the work of Alexander Mordvinov, Anton Ivanov and Vasily Piskunov.
Complementing the exhibition models of ships of the Russian black sea fleet, made Irkutsk artists-Amateurs of ship modeling.

On the official website Irkutsk regional art Museum im. V. P. Sukachevand website wanderings.online.