Pop Art. Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein

Exhibition May 17 − July 28, 2019
Saratov State Art Museum named after A.N. Radishcheva presents an exhibition of works Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein "Pop Art".

The exposition presents silk-screen printing of two main figures of the pop-art movement.

Today, pop art is already vintage, well studied by specialists in the direction of art history. Pop art is recognized worldwide! Pop art is always recognizable! And now it is a niche for creative experiments in art, fashion, in architectural interiors. American artist Andy Warhall became an icon of pop art, his preacher. Roy Lichtenstein tried his hand at surrealism, cubism, abstract expressionism, but by the age of forty he came to pop art and became his pioneer - he used images from comics and advertisements, increasing them and stylizing them under the newspaper print. These paintings intensified the American art process and changed the history of modern art.

Based on the official website Saratov State Art Museum. A.N. Radishcheva.