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Sea fiery poet. Aivazovsky and students

Exhibition April 11 − August 13, 2017
Buryatia celebrates the 200 anniversary of the birth of the painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. At the Art Museum of a name of Tsyrenzhap Sampilov opened an exhibition called "Sea fiery poet. Aivazovsky and students".
Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (1817-1900) is the most popular and beloved in Russia and many other countries, marine painter, painter, and collector and philanthropist, honorary member of the Imperial Academy of arts in Russia, Amsterdam, Paris, Florence, Stuttgart. He opened for Russian art genre Marina — seascape — and turned it into an important phenomenon in the visual arts of mid-NINETEENTH century. Several thousand of his paintings sing sea in all its diversity.
In addition to seascapes the artist wrote on historical themes, namely the battle scenes, biblical subjects and portraits, and also land landscapes.
The works of painter beautiful, realistic and emotionally affect the spectator, virtuosity and refinement of technical skill. The wizard builds the composition so that the viewer can see the sea in the artist's eyes, felt his breath, saw the tempest that catches the eye and doesn't let go even for a second.
In addition Aivazovsky, at the exhibition you can see works by famous artists Arkhip Kuinji and Andrei Bogolubov. The exhibition, though small, but significant.

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