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Museum-Estate of Muravyov-Apostolov holds an exhibition “Napoleon. Life and Fate ".

The large-scale exposition includes more than two hundred works of painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied arts, memorial items, weapons, orders and medals.

The focus of attention is the events of the first quarter of the XIX century and two extremely dissimilar from the fate of a person. Russian monarch and emperor of the French. Alexander I is the crowned heir to the throne, born on the steps of the largest country’s throne, and Napoleon I is the son of a poor Corsican nobleman who made a dizzying career from the rank of lieutenant of the revolutionary French army to the imperial crown and just as quickly lost everything.

The exposition of the exhibition is located in the House-Museum of Muravyov-Apostles on the Old Basman Street. The main building of the noble estate is one of the few wooden buildings in Moscow that survived the fire of 1812.