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Exhibition September 21 − October 27, 2017


Yesterday, on HAHAHAMOSCOW, there was a breath of freedom. A breath of youth. The gap was complete !!! .. I wanted to live !!!! . words somewhere disappear, and only inspiration .... Andrei Bartenev Andrey Bartenev (Andrey Bartenev) BRAVO ... again and again !!! I LOVE !!!!! Thanks to everyone who was near !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Museum ART4 presents a large-scale exhibition HAHAHAMOSCOW MOSCOWAHAHAHA, which will be attended by about 40 awards.
Curator: Andrei Bartenev.

“HAHAHAMOSCOW MOSCOWXAHAHA is the rhythm of symbols about the life of a knight in a city’s fortress. This is a story about the romance of strong words on the playground. This is a story about a seeker of pure dew in the Moscow River. This one stubbornly sought statement ...
1. Hahaha is a voiced exhalation at the moment when the artist’s personal world comes in contact with the matrix of public obedience. But this is not a conversation about the total flow of the centripetal forces of the city. This, in spite of the presence of such urban purposefulness, is the preservation of one’s own personal source of optimistic perception of the world. At the same time, the quality of optimism can be different - distorted, crippled, sarcastic, bright, delightful, harmonious, perfect, heavenly.
2. Hahaha - like a life jacket for an inquiring mind thrown into the ordinary pie.
3. Hahaha - racing, in which the artist - the driver and the pursuer, directed by the sky itself into an endless pursuit of the image.

Maxim Antipov, Ambitekster, Elena Aseeva, Andrei Bartenev, Anna Birstein, Alexander Burov, Irina Voiteleva, Evgeny Gomanov, Ksenia Dranysh, Arthur Ilyushkin, Radomir Lisitsyn, Matvey Kaif, Timofey Karraffa-Korbut, Masha Kechaeva, Alesha Mardasha and the group M and Marisha and the group M and Marisha and the group Marasha and the group Marasha and the group Masha Kehfa and Timofey Karraffa-Korbut Nikitin, Nikolay N888K Nikolaev Roman Manihino Oleg Fire, Paul Pepperstein Vova Perkin, Oleksandr Petljura Plato (5 years), Danila Polyakov, Savva Saveliev Andrei Salinder, Sasha Sam, Olga Skorikova Tatiana Strelbitsky, Gosh Ukor, Sergei Fili , Sasha Frolova, Alexey Khamov, Grigory Hee Karinaka, Dmitry Shabalin, Katya Shcheglova, Ustina Yakovleva, Notre utopie, Julia Che, Nicholas KoshKosh, MASHA IV, OR / LOVA, Ria Keburia Gallery, Roman Ermakov, Stacy Lovejoy, Turbo Yulia, Forms Studio, Vans, VJKeT