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Exhibition July 19 − August 15, 2019

Z generation

Curator - Victoria Burlaka
"Baby Boomers, X-Men, Igricks, Zetas - I was introduced to the theory of generations for the first time by familiar parents who are trying to understand their own mysterious children. The thoughts always went in one direction: here we are so right, and they are others, wrong. We bring them up. , and as a result, we get a completely unexpected system of values ​​... Is it weird? Not at all - more than our own parents, nowadays children are "brought up" by the society, its institutions, the market, the information environment, the development of technologies ... and many more factors formed Wondering how much people do not understand each other, you never cease to be surprised - men from Mars, and women from Venus, parents from planet X, their children from planet Y or worse - the virtual planet Z, more distant from the X's of consciousness, is hard to imagine, and with these aliens under one roof one has to somehow get along, understand their emotions and needs.American researchers William Strauss and Neil Howe have been developing their theory of generations since 1991 - they have divided the stages of history and the Americas into cycles of generation that last about 20 years. As there in Marx - the conditions of being determine the consciousness of the generation. Moreover, the strange principle works: the worse the conditions of existence, the stronger the moral spirit of society and the belief that "tomorrow will be better than yesterday". And the more full life becomes, the more ghostly the belief that tomorrow will come at all becomes. Described a set of values ​​and character of the hero of each generation - from team players-patriots to romantic decadent-escapists, configured quite sociopathic. Everything is flowing, everything is changing, market downturns and upturns are moving in their turn ... The post-war endows the idea of ​​universal prosperity and the good of the generation of "workhorses" - baby boomers. The X-Generation - born in the early 1960s and early 1980s - are individualistic freedoms and personal development. Their children, the Igrekos, are technologically advanced enough and more pragmatic, in material terms - they want everything at once. But they are not hoarders of material goods, but rather, they live not “in the long run”, but enjoy the moment here and — now — know the world, travel. Finally, Generation Z is a completely separate story, and exotic (in my view of typical X-ray) generations of the Internet manage to exist more organically in the virtual world than in the real world. They live, according to Lao Tzu's formula - they know the whole world without leaving the room. With regard to intellectual and spiritual development, there in general everything is up to the limit. They do not know the old authorities. Gods are blogs. "I will not read / listen to this because I am a modern man," is my daughter's coronal argument. The theory of generations perfectly explains not only the eternal conflict of fathers and children, but also the deadlocks of communication, in which we fall at every step, helps to describe clearly enough the figure of the Other, on which contemporary art is fixated. Next to us - Others. We are not just representatives of other cultures - we are often immersed in other people's cultures with interest and openness. Our main sources of annoyance are the inhabitants of other planets, other dimensions, and temporal slices that live with us in the same house. Completely unfamiliar inner worlds. Other psychotypes. Alien value systems. Unexpected filters of perception. From all these differences, the brain continues to explode. We prefer not to think about their nature, but in vain. To understand is already partly to accept. So you want some more or less organic understanding and acceptance - on all sides. Easy, no misunderstanding touch. So to take your baby in the evening and tell him, "Oh, you're my advanced generation of Zet, your morally outdated mom is a little tired today ..."