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Exhibition August 1 − September 15
From August 1 to September 15, the personal exhibition of Russian artist Vasily Khudyakov is held at the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the School of Watercolor by Sergey Andriyaka.

Vasily Leonidovich Khudyakov graduate of the Russian Academy of Painting Sculpture and Architecture IS Glazunov. Since 2010, he has been actively participating in All-Russian and international exhibitions, including the Festival of Russian Art in Cannes, the 7th International Exhibition of Young Artists, the International Festival of Fine Arts “Moscow is a City of Peace”, and others. Vasily Khudyakov participates in All-Russian plein airs and creative trips.

The exhibition presents the magnificent work of the young master, made in the landscape genre. The artist, in each of his works, shares with the viewer his love for his native country and its nature. For the master, as for the landscape painter, it is very important to be able to convey any state of nature: from a fine summer day to a slushy autumn evening. He observes and sees the special beauty in stone temple buildings and in the rickety village huts. The freshness of a frosty morning and the dampness of the earth after a rainstorm, he managed to transfer from reality to paintings using all the possibilities of oil paints. A special place in the exhibition is occupied by works with the majestic and harsh nature of the Russian north.

Viewers will be able to fully enjoy the skill of the young artist, whose works were performed under the open sky!