Aivazovsky in the Gatchina Palace

Exhibition July 13 − September 10, 2017
To the 200th anniversary of the genius artist in the Gatchina Palace opened exhibition of one exhibit where are the picture of Ivan Aivazovsky "Plantation" from the Museum's collection.
A talented landscape painter, marine painter of genius, a poet of the sea can be described by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. During his long, bright, extraordinarily fruitful creative life the artist painted thousands of paintings. He was successful and is recognized to be: admired by his contemporaries, ordinary people and the powerful, among whom were Russian emperors. Aivazovsky's paintings were in private collections of Russian tsars and decorated them quarters. Was no exception and the Gatchina Palace: paintings by Aivazovsky can be seen in the rooms of Alexander II and Alexander III.
The main source of inspiration Aivazovsky, his Muse all his life was the sea. And our beloved earth — native Crimea, where he was born and died.
And although the world Ayvazovsky and seascape are synonyms, among his works can be seen and numerous rural landscapes of the Crimea and the Ukraine. As the sea, they are written with love, attention and care to detail.
The exhibition of one exhibit in the state Museum "Gatchina" for the visitors given the landscape of the brush Aivazovsky "Plantation", which depicts a rural scene at hut in the field. The painting is in the collection of the Gatchina Palace appeared relatively recently – in 2007 was transferred from the Museum-reserve "Oranienbaum".
The stands contain information on the milestones of the biography of the master, the characteristics of his painting style and other key moments.

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