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Retrospective Fahrney Zeid in London

Exhibition June 13 − October 8, 2017
Tate modern gallery in London presents a major retrospective of Turkish avangardistki Fahrney Zeid.

The artist studied painting in Istanbul and in Paris, so her unusual paintings combine Eastern traditions with European avant-garde. Some of the works Fahrney Zeid truly monumental (more than 5 meters wide) and require careful study.

The exhibition covers a large amount of creativity Fahrney Zuid – 40 years. Istanbul expressionist works written in the 1940s, abstraction, exhibited in London, Paris and new York in the 1950s and 1960s, portraits of the late period of creativity...

Life Fahrney Zeid unusual and rich. She was one of the first women officially received art education in Istanbul. Zayd was married to an Iraqi Prince. Some time the artist experimented with drawing on chicken and Turkey bones (later pouring them into polyester resin panel, so it came out something like stained glass), but later returned to figurative painting, depicting the many friends and family members.

Last years the artist spent in Amman (Jordan), where the private house has established an informal art school to teach painting women of different nationalities.

Voronica Zeid left a mark in the history of modern art and a considerable artistic heritage.

The exhibition will run from 13 June to 8 October.