Titian: love, desire, death

Exhibition March 16 − June 14, 2020
Exhibition "Titian: love, desire, death"is Titian’s sensual interpretation of the classic myths of love, temptation and punishment

In 1551, Prince Philip, the future king Philip II, commissioned Titian, the most famous artist in Europe, to create a group of paintings depicting classical myths, mainly taken from the Metamorphoses of the Roman poet Ovid.

The exhibition brings together five of the six paintings in the series, the first time in more than three centuries.

Combining Titian's remarkable talent as an artist and storyteller, mythological scenes capture moments of high drama; fatal meeting, shameful discovery, hasty abduction. Titian expertly manipulates paint and color for a dazzling effect; capture of luminous flesh, luxurious fabrics, water, reflections and atmospheric, almost enchanted landscapes.

The faces of the gods and goddesses express very human and very interconnected emotions: guilt, surprise, shame, despair and regret.

Titian called these works his "poetry" because he considered them the visual equivalents of poetry.