Jasper Johns: "something like the truth"

Exhibition September 23 − December 10, 2017
23 September The Royal Academy of arts opens exhibition of works by Jasper Johns, "something like the truth". This is the most massive in the last 40 years the exhibition of his works in the UK: more than 150 paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings from different periods.

Jasper Johns occupies a Central place in American art since the time of its exhibition debut in 1958 in new York. His pioneering work paved the way to important direction in American art, where it was dominated by abstract expressionism.

Worldwide artist know primarily for his early works: the images of flags (most famous painting "Flag", created in 1954, is still the hallmark of Jones), targets, maps, numbers and letters. However, there are other aspects of creativity, such as sculptures (the ordinary objects cast in bronze – the same "Cans of beer") and interesting works of the 1980-ies and 1990-ies, in which the artist began to turn to the urgent topics: memories, the duality of perception, sexuality, death.

At the exhibition visitors will be able to see what remained constant and what has transformed into something completely new over 60 years of creative ways iconic American pop art artist.

Paintings for the exhibition, which runs until 10 December, will be provided as private collections and museums.