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Albrecht Durer: the mystical and the real

Exhibition July 28, 2017 − January 30, 2018
The Kharkiv art Museumpresents an exhibition dedicated to the 545-th anniversary from the birthday of Albrecht Durer – the man who did the engraving art, worthy of competing with the painting.

He was a painter, the schedule, one of the greatest men of his time. Dürer was the first German artists began to work in two types of engravings on copper and on wood, by reforming traditional methods of woodcut. The influence of this man on the art of Germany was so great that the heyday of the German Renaissance is usually associated with it and is called "dürer".

The visitors will see unsurpassed 26 works made in the technique of woodcuts and copperplate engravings on copper and 36 high-quality reproduction prints, dated XIX century.

Special attention among the works exhibited in the Museum, should be paid to the series "Life of Mary" - the most realistic engravings of the artist provide an opportunity to understand what is actually represented Germany in the XVI century.

The exposition will be open from July 28 until January 30.