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Exhibition October 7, 2017 − January 3, 2018
In The Royal Academy of arts October 7 will start the exhibition of works of artists so well known that they do not need. Two giants: the father of conceptualism Marcel Duchamp and the surrealist genius Salvador Dali.

Despite the absolute dissimilarity in character and manner image, they remained friends for a very long time. Their common interests were language, erotica, games, and optics, but they were United on something much more real.

This is the first exhibition devoted to the relationship between these two brilliant artists and their influence on each other. Will feature more than 80 works, including not only paintings and sculptures by Dali and the original works of Duchamp, but far less known materials such as photos, made by the famous surrealist conversation and evidence of collaboration between the two friends.

The exhibition, presented as a conversation through the art, will provide an opportunity to further explore the work of Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp, and to trace the connection between them and their work.