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Exhibition May 15 − September 9
Alex Katz Tribute to Monet
The Orangerie Museum of Paris presents the exhibition "Alex Katz Tribute to Monet".

Pictures of Alex Katz, the main figure in contemporary American art, are in subtle indecision, between abstraction and a popular configuration. Since the early fifties, he has been painting in a style he calls “modern realistic painting”, standing at a distance from the grandeur of American abstract expressionism.

It uses frames and formats developed by cinema or advertising photography, without processing the images themselves, as pop art artists did in the sixties.

While in New York, he works in the summer at his studio in Maine, next to a pond planted with water lilies. This motif has inspired him since 2009 with a series of paintings in memory of Monet's water lilies, which he discovered at the Orangerie Museum in 1965.