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Exhibition April 12 − September 8
Tetsuya Ishida. Self portrait of another
Exhibition of works by Japanese artist Tetsuy Ishida "Self portrait of another"reveals the modern world, exploring the uncertainty and devastation of Japanese society, radically changed by technological development and subsequent crises that have affected the economy and politics on a planetary scale. In particular, Ishida depicts with descriptive accuracy the mood of her generation, marked by an explosion in finance and real estate and mass layoffs, which in 1991 plunged his country into a deep recession.

Over the course of a few ten years of his career, Ishida has created a huge “prison” dedicated to solitary confinement and alienation in a world dominated by uncontrolled forces. The recurring images of a schoolboy or clerk serve him to sharply criticize educational and labor systems, driven by imperatives of productivity and competitiveness. Metamorphoses of the human body merge with certain types of insects, technological devices or vehicles; claustrophobic situations in which the body is physically locked in holes and structures or is part of an assembly line, as if it were another gear; the search for identity associated with the paramount need to return to childhood and the suppressed eschatological component; the sadness that floods the empty plots serves as a backdrop for the apathy of a society that has succumbed to the mechanism of endless production and consumption.