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Exhibition October 30, 2019 − April 13, 2020
Jörg Immendorf. The task of the artist
"The task of the artist"- a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of Jörg Immendorf (1945-2007), covers more than four decades of the artist’s career, presenting its main stages and transformations: from the socio-political and propaganda works that he conceived between the 1960s and the beginning of the 1980s , until the codified paintings of his last creative period.

In the late 1970s, fundamental changes took place in the life approach of Immendorf as a political activist, teacher and artist. In 1976, in the decisive year of his career, he participated in the Venice Biennale with an action that consisted of distributing leaflets in which he criticized imprisonment in the GDR and demanded the cooperation of international artists to try to overcome this situation. Two years later, he began working at Café Deutschland, a series based on Caffè Greco (1976) Renato Guttuso, whom he saw in Cologne. In this series, the characteristic features and colors of his paintings acquire great expressiveness, while the artist is free from ideological emblems. He continues to produce political art, but far from the events of the moment.

This turn in his work, based on the concentration of form and content, developed until its last stage, determined by the "purification" of the visual language, with the help of which it acquires updated visual energy and great brightness, developed.

Instead of a strict chronology, this exhibition, which contains about a hundred works by the artist in various media, such as painting, sculpture or drawing, is organized around various thematic chapters, the main theme of which is the evolution of Immendorff as an artist.