The poet of the earthly Paradise. 155 years of Mikhail Berkos

Exhibition October 3, 2016 − July 31, 2017
The Kharkiv art Museum presents an exposition of the work of the famous Ukrainian impressionist Mikhail Berkos.

Berkos sang on his canvases spring and summer nature and colors. He belonged to the Odessa school of artists, whose works were filled with a special charm, interior elegance and "Arcadia mood".

In the paintings of Mikhail Andreevich nature shows "heaven on earth". He drew and Italy, and France, but most of the work devoted to native Ukraine. Especially loved berkos to portray scenic views of the suburbs, where his wife estate.

The artist has always followed one of the main principles of impressionism: "the picture must be traces of how it is made." He used a roundish chiseled stroke, thus creating the flickering and "vibrating" surface.

The paintings of Mikhail Berkos is filled with warmth and summer scents. When you look at them it's hard not to doubt the fact that you are in the Museum hall: I think if you are actually strolling through the sunlit garden around your flowers, and birds sing without interruption, praising this "earthly Paradise".

The exhibition will run until July 31.