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Exhibition August 15 − September 2
Alexander Roitburd
Kiev "Karas Gallery" presents a new exhibition of Alexander Roitburd "Love for three colorists and a girl in love with a guitar". New paintings by the master are made on a traditional dark background and filled with a thirst for life. Eros, not Thanatos, becomes the main sitter of this project. The artist's works demonstrate the alchemy of painting and a frantic sense of love.

The author’s work is permeated with the ideas of deconstruction, starting with the body and ending with the deconstruction of the plot and content. The new exhibition is a synthesis of two previous projects of the painter - “Pictures for substitution” and “Valentine's Day” - and another deconstruction of the well-known plots of three great artists - Rembrandt, Titian and Velazquez. This project is dominated by a new Suprematist style of the author - the pleasure of generalization and geometricity.

All artworks at the exhibition