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Exhibition July 11 − September 8
Andy Warhole. The house that went to town
GALERIE BUCHHOLZ presents the exhibition "Andy Warhole. The house that went to town".

In the early 1950s, Andy Warhol collaborated with a young writer, Ralph Thomas (Corky) Ward, on a small number of illustrated and self-published books. Their first joint publication, “A is a Alphabet”, is 1953, a collection of 26 separate pages combining Warhol’s silhouette with Corky’s poem. Each of Corky's texts describes a clash between an animal whose name begins with the letter of the alphabet to which it is assigned and the human figure (or a pair of figures) drawn by Warhol on the top half of the sheet.

Warhol performed his drawings in the blotting technique, which became his first corporate identity and with which he made his name as an illustrator in the publishing world of New York.

“The blotting method probably gave Warhol the idea of printing books based on his drawings. Theoretically, this did not present any difficulties, since there was no longer a real conceptual difference between the original and the reproduction: the style of the wet line was determined not by an individual whim, but by a mechanical randomness. Warhol's friends used color in most books; the drawings that Warhol himself painted cannot be distinguished from the drawings made by his assistants: they were all done quickly, without taking into account faces or borders. ”