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Exhibition 1 − August 31
Henryk Grinevsky
Exclusive works of Polish artist exhibited at Tbilisi Art Tent Gallery Henryk Grinevsky (Henryk Hryniewski), who was born and raised in Kutaisi and became one of the founders of the Tbilisi Academy of Art. The exposition presents twenty-eight works of the artist.

The master is known in Georgia for being the author of illustrations for the first academic publication of the works of Ilya Chavchavadze and took an active part in the creation of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, as well as in the design of the building of the Georgian Noble Bank. The artist made a significant contribution to the study of medieval Georgian architecture. The author of the cycle of watercolors "Ancient Architecture of Georgia", a work on classical ornamentation and the use of color in the design of architectural structures. In 2019, marks 150 years since the birth of Henryk Grinevsky.