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Exhibition March 9 − October 20
Here we are: we draw and sculpt the human face
“We convince,” wrote the poet Walt Whitman, “by our presence.” He argued that the human body is not just a physical object, but a means of emotional experience and communication. ”

Countless visual artists have also explored and confirmed the charged power of the human form. In this exposure, which presents works from the Weatherspoon contemporary art collection, examines numerous ways to achieve them. Some presented their own bodies in self-portraits that relate to how we shape and construct our personality. Others portrayed celebrity figures, emphasizing the social contexts in which certain people attain fame or fame. However, others have suggested fragments of unnamed bodies that speak of vulnerability and loss.

These works of art, richly diverse in style and content, together emphasize the complexity and diversity of life experience. At the same time, they remind us of the common nature of our humanity in time and context.