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Exhibition August 16 − September 15
Michiana: The Art of Derrick Hollowell

Derrick was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and raised by his mother, grandmother, and maternal grandfather. As a child, he shared his interests between sports and art. He was greatly influenced by his uncle James Hollowell, who was studying art at a local college at the time, and is now a recognized artist in Los Angeles, California.

Derrick traveled extensively throughout the United States, promoting music and art. He worked in broadcasting, voice acting and acting. He took part in mentoring youth and creating a community. In the past few years, he has opened and managed a number of innovative, display and warehouse galleries.

Derrick currently resides in one of the art spaces where he lives and works, stretching along the Grand Rapids, Arts Walk. “L-Loft” is a spacious gallery and workspace, which hosted numerous exhibitions, seminars, videos, poetry reading and much more.

Derrick recently placed the original piece in the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital guild collection, the Grand Rapids Metropolitan Hospital and the extensive jazz collection of paintings at the HopCat Brewery in Grand Rapids.

"I feel most satisfied when my art is placed in places where many people can see it; I was always intrigued by the power of posters, icon paintings and illustrative images," says Hollowell.