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Exhibition August 9 − December 1
Harold L. Cohen: The Past is the Present
Harold L. Cohen is a rebel. During World War II, he joined the fleet and served on a ship in the South Pacific. He discovered that the racism and anti-Semitism on this ship was so terrible that he wrote a letter to his senator from Pearl Harbor to complain about it. He said the enemy was aboard the ship. The letter was later published in a liberal newspaper published in New York from 1940 to 1948. When Cohen's superiors on the ship found out about the letter, they did not like it, but he did a good job, so they left him alone. It was there that he learned that our skills support us, and that which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Exhibition "The past is the present»Harold L. Cohen is dedicated to the work of the artist, created over the past twenty years. After leaving teaching, Cohen focused on painting, engraving and sculpture. The prints presented at this exhibition were created using various techniques. These works focus on past atrocities committed by authoritarian regimes. Numerous works from Germany and Europe reflect the horrors of Nazi genocide during World War II and its consequences.