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Exhibition 3 − September 27, 2019
Baton Rouge Gallery: Daniel Burns
ArtistDaniel Burnscreates works of art that explore what she sees in a growing sense of complacency in 21st century society. She notes that a certain level of comfort is accompanied by complacency or, as she puts it, “a false sense of security that makes us feel immune to the dangers affecting us and others.” However, Burns is sensitive to not making judgments, instead trying to start a conversation about why apathy has become such a popular coping mechanism.

Bern's works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including exhibitions in Ireland, Canada and Japan. Her works can be found in the permanent collections of the College of Art and Design of Savannah (Savannah, Georgia), California State University (Fresno, California), Concordia University (Montreal, KK), Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Virginia) and others.