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Exhibition 13 − September 29
Painting minhwa. Utopia of the korean people
The Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery will host an exhibition of works by Korean artist So Gong Im“Painting minhwa. Utopia of the Korean people ".

Visitors will be able to see picturesque panels introducing the canonical Korean style of "minhwa" and the development of its modern direction.

So Gong Im was born in the small Korean village of Kim Jae in a family that maintained a peach orchard. Perhaps the contemplation of the beauty of flowering peach trees influenced the development of the artistic imagination of the young master. With Gong, He opens before us a world that would seem familiar, but nevertheless filled with a sense of peace and free silence. She is a sorceress of color, writing Korean history with her brush and special traditional colors. The brightest, most saturated colors in her hands become cozy and soft, like her favorite home clothes. But the main achievement of the author is that through her work, she, in a language that is understandable to modern man, tells about the essence and significance of Korean culture.

One of the favorite subjects of painting “minhwa” is “Ten Symbols of Longevity”, which correspond to the sun, mountain, water, rock, cloud (or moon), pine, grass of eternal youth, turtle, stork and deer. This symbolic plot very accurately reflects the mentality of Koreans. This is the place everyone wants to visit and stay. There is no old age and death, no worries and worries. Peace reigns there, and there is no room for quarrels, only harmony and love. Looking for him in his works and So Gon Im.

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