The Kalevala Universe

Exhibition May 24 − September 29, 2019
Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia holds an exhibition"The Kalevala Universe".

The exhibition presents the “golden” fund of the museum collection, objects of the “Kalevala” museum collection: paintings, drawings, arts and crafts, jewelry, art objects of Karelian, Russian and foreign authors.

The exposition is dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the publication of the second supplemented edition of the Kalevala epic. Over the centuries, Kalevala motifs, plots, and heroes have attracted artists from different countries. In all the variety of genres and styles, through the prism of perception of artists of different generations and genres, the exhibition guides the viewer through the Kalevala Universe, reveals the secrets of the universe and the creation of all things, encourages one to witness the interaction and opposition of the light Kalevala and the dark “Pohel”, introduces beautiful virgins and courageous heroes, will reveal the secrets of the Sampo mill of happiness.

Tamara Yufa, Osmo Borodkin, Georgy Stronk, Nikolay Bryukhanov, Myud Mechev, Boris Akbulatov will become “Conductors” of the Kalevala world. The works of these artists will complement the unique work of representatives of the Russian avant-garde. Modern authors are represented at the exhibition by illustrations by Yuri Lyukshin, stained-glass windows by Eduard Akulov, works of theatrical and decorative art by A. Shelkovnikov and V. Polyakov, volumetric plastic from birch bark by V. Kostylev, carved panels by I. Gashkov.

According to the materials of the official website of the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia.