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Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk. LIFE. STILL. LIFE

Exhibition 5 − September 22, 2019
Kiev art space of the Mironova Foundation presents the project of Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk "LIFE. STILL. LIFE". In the new series, the artist reinterprets the genre of still life, supplementing it with new rhythms, colors and an expressive expressive style. Cloths Korf-Ivanyuk are filled with frankness of color, rich and complex rhythm of lines. The author managed to expand the plane thanks to the expressive manner of writing, without losing the original philosophy and laid-back openness in the sense of nature.

“This is my dedication to the unrecognized genius [Mane] for so long, my attempt to give a“ second chance ”to traditional ideas. I want to change the notorious paradigm of the image of "dead nature", I want a new slogan: Life.Still.Life! A life. As before. Life! ”, The artist notes.

Natalya Korf-Ivanyuk was born in 1985 in the Poltava region. After graduating from Poltava National University, she remained working as a teacher in the department of fine and decorative arts. Since 2010 - a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Active participant in all-Ukrainian exhibitions, pictorial plein airs, ceramic symposia. Works in mixed media, oil painting and graphics. He is engaged in book design. Works are kept in private collections and in museums.