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The Colors Of Claude Monet

Exhibition September 20, 2018 − January 6, 2019
Albertina will present an exhibition and a monograph devoted to Claude Monet. Special attention will be paid to the color in the paintings of the artist and his love for the water and plants.

Claude Monet – one of the brightest representatives of impressionism, it is often called "the French master of light and a pioneer of 20th-century art". The artist often painted his paintings on the shores of the sea and the Seine river. He was able to convey that, as reflected in the water of bright flowering plants in summer and a mysterious blue-gray fog in the winter.

Monet carefully selected shades for each new brushstroke, and the color and light in his paintings was varied depending on the imaging time of the year and artist impressions of what he saw. Sometimes he painted the same place – but every time!

The exhibition will be exhibited as works taken from its collection of galleries and provided by private collections and museums in different countries. Visitors will be able to trace the creative path of Monet from realism to impressionism and on to his later work, which after the artist's death paved the way for abstract expressionism.

The exhibition, designed to show the special value of the color in the paintings of Monet, will run from 20 September 2018 to 6 January 2019.