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Exhibition September 28, 2019 − January 4, 2020
Roy lichtenstein
Roy lichtenstein- A representative of the pop art movement that exploded in the 1960s, its influence is still widely visible today.

This solo exhibition at Hatton Gallery in Newcastle provides a rare opportunity to see such a significant collection of works by Liechtenstein in the north-east of England.

Focusing on breathtaking, emotionally charged and / or ambiguous images that are commonly found in romantic and military comics, Liechtenstein believed that the world of images could be reduced to abstract patterns, while preserving their original intent as recognizable symbols of reality.

Galleries at the exhibition
1965, 68.9×58.3 cm
1996, 90.2×114 cm
1994, 114.6×139.1 cm
1963, 172×203.5 cm
All artworks at the exhibition